About me

I am a .Net developer and system architect at Webcruiter AS in Oslo, Norway and have been developing applications using CSLA.NET framework since 2006. I am now developing applications using ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, EntityFramework, Autofac, FluentValidation, FluentMigrator, AutoMapper and more over SqlServer and Oracle databases.

I am also participating in the development of CSLA and also coordinator for the CslaContrib project on CodePlex.

1 thought on “About me

  1. Pablo

    Hi Jonny. I need a good sample of csla inheritance. I am newbie and I want to share Person class with Employee, User and Customer. I read Rocky’s book (Expert VB 2008 businees object) and i know that i need to override dataportal_ondeserealized, initialize dummy shared fields and create a setparent method in a child property.
    Person is a editable root, employee user and customer are editable child Class. Rocky says that we use inheritance to reach behavior normalization instead data, so he suggest no have properties in person class and use inherits only validationRules. My problem is how do I to write these classes, my mind is dazed and confused 😦
    Best Regards Jonny


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