How to install CSLA 4.5 and run ProjectTracker sample

This article shows you how to download and install CSLA and compile and run the ProjectTracker sample.

Download and Install

Go to and download the latest installer.

Run the installer with default settings. Take note of the install folder and open this folder in Windows Explorer.

In this folder you will find

Right click on file and select “Extract all” and extract to f.ex C:\Projects\CSLA .NET\<versionnumber>\Csla.
I downloaded version 4.5.491 so my path is C:\Projects\CSLA .NET\4.5.491\Csla)


Open the Samples\Net\cs\ProjectTracker\ProjectTracker.sln solution file in Visual Studio 2013. (you may get upgrade warnings).

Build the solution. This status line should now “Build Succeeded”.

Then open the solution property page and set startup projects:


You must set multiple startup projects and always select WcfAppServer plus the UI project(s) of your choice.
The WcfAppServer hosts the data access (N-Tier) deployment is always required for all UI projects.

I selected the WfUI (Windows Forms) and then hit run.
In the login dialog use manager/manager  or admin/admin and you are logged in to ProjectTracker.

Next change the startup project to WpfUI + WcfAppServer and you will be running the WPF sample.

So that’s all, folks. Enjoy and explore CSLA.

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